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Risky Business: Understanding the Dangers That Can Come From AI Technology

ChatGPT and similar programs are at the forefront of conversations surrounding technology. It is a natural language chatbot that responds to users with imitated human dialogue. The sophisticated technology can write articles and poems, compose songs, as well as solve equations, write computer code, and legal contracts. It can also simplify hard-to-understand subjects and conduct conversations with users.

A recent poll found that ChatGPT is used by 100 million users and more than 13 million daily users. The free program was “taught” with books, websites, articles, conversations, and more. This means that its knowledge is limited, which is why some users may note that ChatGPT answers they receive are outdated.

Chat GPT’s popularity is leading to other conversations about the use of AI technology in the workplace. Some believe it has a place in various departments of a company including

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Software Engineering

Despite this, technology enthusiasts say AI technology can never replace human skills such as critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and creativity.

Risks You Should Know About

Employers need to be aware of certain risks that could arise from permitting the use of AI technology in the workplace. Here are some things to consider:


All of the information in AI chatbots are dependent on the information the technology has received. Since humans are the ones deciding how the technology gets information there is a chance for inherent bias. This is why some are hesitant to use AI in HR decisions such as hiring or firing. Companies do not want to be held liable for discrimination claims. When employers are looking to use AI technology, they should be careful to impose limits on when the software can be used, especially with employment decisions.


Whenever technology becomes widely used and accessible in the workplace, employers have to consider safety concerns. Businesses of any size can become victims of cybercriminals. The use of AI technology does open up a new doorway for cyber attacks such as phishing, malware attacks, and more. With the use of AI technology, criminals can easily create convincing emails to phish critical data from a company. It may also be used to help criminals write harmful codes that turn into a cyberattack. Businesses that use AI technology need to have updated security measures in place. It’s also a good idea to make sure employees are properly trained in cybersecurity.


Heavy or constant use of AI chatbots can lead companies to issues with infringement. The technology could create content that is similar to other content that may be copyrighted or trademarked. When a company publishes information that is also trademarked or copyrighted, it opens the company up to litigation. Businesses using AI chatbots have to train workers how to spot possible copyrighted or trademarked material. They should also restrict the AI software to avoid making this mistake.


The use of AI technology can create privacy issues for businesses. There may be instances where workers enter sensitive information into the chatbot to get specific results. This information becomes part of the software’s database, which could then be used in other responses by different companies using the software. Companies need to review the importance of safeguarding company secrets and sensitive information before implementing the use of AI chatbots.


AI chatbots have limited information since it is based on the information used to train the software. Chatbots have to constantly be filled with new information, which may not always happen when you need to use them. Therefore, there are chances that your results from an AI chatbot could contain erroneous or outdated information. Every employer that uses AI chatbots should make sure their employees are verifying the information they receive from the AI technology.

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