Alltrust Announced as One of Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work

At Alltrust, we strongly believe that the most powerful aspect of creating our unique culture is caring for employees at the emotional level. How people feel profoundly influences how they perform. Nothing influences employees’ engagement and productivity as the assurance that they’re genuinely cared for and valued by their leaders and managers. Alltrust is a hands-on partner in executing and reinforcing this environment –  in person, never outsourced, on a level we believe to be unmatched.

We are proud to announce Alltrust was named one of  Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work for the fifth consecutive year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. With over 300 submissions, 60 companies were named finalists in four categories, based on size, and ranked in order based on their scores. Alltrust was classified under the “Big” category for organizations with 25-50 employees, and placed 7th with a total score of 94.08.

Results were based via an online survey that each employee of Alltrust filled out and submitted to Quantum Workplace, a Nebraska company that utilizes science-based tools to measure and manage employee engagement, loyalty and retention.  Within the survey, there were several key engagement categories that were measured including team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, and compensation and benefits. Responses were then compiled and evaluated, and companies were ranked and chosen in each size category, according to their overall composite score.

We could not be happier to know that Alltrust’s “people first” motto allows our employees to look forward to coming to work and enjoy the workday. It is through this motto that we know our people are what make us different.  We love to take incredible care of our employees — which means a company culture 20 years in the making designed to serve them. We figured out a long time ago that keeping our employees happy translates to amazing results not just for our business, but for our clients, too. Cheers to our wonderful staff that have allowed Alltrust to continuously be one of the best places to work!


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