Alltrust Insurance: Staying Ahead So You Don’t Fall Behind

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to change the way in which they conduct business. While some companies were able adapt to a new business world in order to thrive, unfortunately others were not able to keep up with the transition or implement the correct changes. At Alltrust Insurance, we saw the need for change early on. We implemented the right measures to successfully shift to the new environment and further grow as a company by launching new services to expand HR consulting and employee benefits in the Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida.


For The Health Of Your Business

Alltrust Insurance was founded in 1994 on the premise that people and customer service should be the driving focus of any successful employee benefits program. From day one, our goal was to highlight the importance of your business’s health and the benefits extended to your employees. Although a lot has changed throughout the years, our “people first” maxim has remained the bastion of our company. Alltrust has been able to stay relevant and consistently ahead of other employee benefits and HR consulting firms by partnering with companies that value people the same way we do. This culture synergy has allowed our company to create strong, stable and long-term relationships with different businesses in different industries. Another key aspect to our growing success has been our ability to keep up with changes by launching new services that can better help businesses and their employees succeed.

Our Newest Service

One of the developments that occurred this year that we are most proud of was our partnership with eMindful. eMindful is a company focused on teaching the public how to utilize mindfulness techniques to improve workplace performance and overall health. We found that this was especially beneficial given the many challenges that businesses and employees face every day, especially with the ongoing pandemic. As such, we launched eMindful services for our clients to help improve business productivity through live, interactive sessions that deliver perspective, accountability, and personalized mindfulness practices. eMindful is a useful resource for businesses who want to help relieve employee stress and create a more productive workplace.

Human Resources Consulting

Navigating through the complexities of your human resource needs can be quite difficult. That’s why Alltrust is committed to creating innovative and supportive solutions to help manage all your HR needs. Whether your business needs assistance regarding compensation, leave management, ACA compliance, hiring and firing, or any other HR responsibilities, Alltrust has you covered. We offer both general and specialized HR consulting on a variety of topics, all with your business’ and employees’ well-being in mind. 

To better highlight our dedication to HR consulting and employee benefits, we want to introduce our Vice President of Human Resources Consulting and Training, Dan Posada. Dan brings over 25 years of managerial experience in the field of human resource to Alltrust. Dan specializes in working with clients to provide consultations for HR related issues, conduct HR assessments, guidance on new HR compliance and regulatory matters, onsite training, and to lead the firm’s semi-annual seminars. Dan’s understanding of employment law and employee relations allows us to provide the absolute highest level of HR consultation for your company. 

HR Benefits Technology Solutions

The advantage of Alltrust’s technology services is that we can manage employee benefits and human resources from a single place. We have the ability to centralize your HR records online and sync your employee data across multiple platforms. This includes payroll, benefits, and time off, all of which can cost a business lots of valuable time and energy. At Alltrust, we understand that no system fits every business alike, so our priority is to work with you, the vendors, and the technology of your choice to ensure your operations run smoothly. 

Our technology services are run by Kelly Davis and her skilled team. As the Director of Process Improvement and a Sr. Account Executive at Alltrust, Kelly leads Alltrust’s efforts in streamlining our HR benefits technology across multiple platforms, vetting enrollment partners, and developing eligibility workflows. She also ensures clients’ employee benefits programs perform to sustain long-term growth and the highest level of employee satisfaction and retention. Her strong passion for excellence and problem solving sets her apart from competitors and gives Alltrust an advantage over other insurance companies in Florida. 

Cost Management

Financial risks are an inevitable part of any business. However, some risk can be mitigated with thorough research, analysis, and data-driven strategies. At Alltrust, we partner with our clients to provide proven strategies for risk mitigation and cost management. Through several of our strategic partnerships, we have access to industry-leading benchmarking, claims analytics, and predictive modeling to help your business achieve desired goals.  

Healthcare costs are always on the rise and that’s where Austin Brooks, Director of Pricing and Analytics for Alltrust, can be of great help. Austin works alongside clients to make the best use of every benefit dollar from a cost and risk perspective. With his experience in evaluating plan designs and risk mitigation, Austin has the ability to make recommendations to clients to protect their budget and help their plans thrive.


Your Employee Benefits & HR Partner In The New Year

Alltrust is not your usual run of the mill insurance firm in Florida. We provide a deeper level of care and highlight the importance of HR consulting and employee benefits. No matter what service your business may need assistance with, Alltrust takes a unique approach to handle employee benefits and HR processes. As we enter the new year, it is important to think of what worked and what didn’t over the previous twelve months and implement changes to take action toward improvement. If your company isn’t receiving the assistance that it needs when it comes to employee benefits and HR consulting, Alltrust can make a difference by allowing you to put all your attention on managing and operating your business while we take care of the legal issues. Our team of certified experts will always put your business’ health and employees first. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you adapt and succeed in the new year.


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