Helping Your Workforce Flourish One Year After COVID-19

We have recently passed the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although vaccination campaigns are well underway throughout the country, many companies are still struggling with the stress and anxiety brought upon by the pandemic. In the last year, employers have had to let employees go, adapt to working remotely, and in some cases change the entire operation of their business. However, we can also look at ways to flourish amidst this pandemic. By approaching work with a positive outlook and utilizing eMindful’s COVID-19 blueprint, your company and employees can find success in these uncertain times.


How To Thrive Amidst A Global Pandemic


Lessons Learned Over The Past Year

The chaos and uncertainty of 2020 left all companies vulnerable to the risk of having to close, either permanently or temporarily. Many employees across the globe were laid off or put on furlough, and even the businesses that did stay open had to completely rethink health, safety, and the operation of their business. However, we can utilize the experiences from the past year to help us prepare and flourish in the future. According to a study by McKinsey, 90% of employers report the pandemic has affected the behavioral health and productivity of their workforce. This demonstrates the importance of focusing on mental health and how it can help your business in the long run. 

How To Rebuild In The Next Normal

With employees still finding themselves working in the midst of a pandemic, 41% of employees reported feeling stressed, burned out, or depressed at work regularly, according to a 2020 Employee Benefit Trends Study conducted by MetLife. With the line between work and home being so blurred for many, it can be challenging to focus when workers are on the clock. 

A recent eMindful survey of more than 2,000 participants asked what would be most helpful to manage ongoing stress and anxiety. Employees reported needing skills and structured time for self-care to help cope. In order to help organizations support employees, a blueprint of key trends, skills, and insights has been identified by eMindful to help companies navigate through the challenges ahead.

Set Your Workforce Up For Success With The COVID-19 Blueprint

Newly released this past month, the Blueprint for the Flourishing Workforce: The Key Trends, Skills, and Values Required to Rebuild in the Next Normal, can help leaders provide their workforce with the support they need by implementing changes across the spectrum of employee life, including:

  • Destigmatizing and prioritizing behavioral health and wellness
  • Creating a radically different workplace of tomorrow
  • Reimagining employee benefits
  • Fostering an employee-centric culture

In addition to the blueprint, eMindful also launched a Skills to Thrive in Anxious Times program to help organizations address anxiety and the costs associated with it by creating a more focused and productive workplace.

Benefits Of Mindfulness For Employees

It’s apparent that addressing an employee’s stress or anxiety is key to creating a productive workplace. Mindfulness is a great way for employees to find peace and flourish despite these uncertain times. Some of the physical and mental benefits of practicing mindfulness include: 

  • Improved mood: Mindfulness training has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety in many different cases. This can be helpful for employees dealing with the adversity of working during the pandemic. Employees with an improved mood can help create a sense of productivity within the workplace and can influence co-workers as well. 
  • Reduced stress and accompanying consequences: It’s inevitable for employees to feel stressed while working. However, practicing mindfulness has many health benefits that combat the consequences of stress such as lowering your blood pressure and strengthening your immune system.  
  • Improved brain function: Employees who practice mindfulness techniques report feeling more focused and driven. Over time, this can create a successful workforce and improve employee’s mental performance.

The benefits of mindfulness are endless. Skills learned through mindfulness training can persist for years as learning to be mindful is a part of a daily routine. Eventually, being mindful feels like less of a task and becomes second nature. 

How To Practice Mindfulness In The Workplace

Now more than ever employees are feeling strong levels of stress or anxiety. This can negatively impact a business as stressed employees lead to workplace burnout and less productivity. The following mindfulness techniques can be implemented in the workplace to help prevent feelings of stress or anxiety:

  • Take regular breaks and breath: Incorporating regular breaks into your daily work routine can help balance the stress of your job. Breaks can be taken every hour for 5 minutes, for example. You can utilize this time to practice mindful breathing or just collect your thoughts and relax. 
  • Actively listen: Many of us fall victim to hearing information flow through one ear and out the other. Attempt to be fully present and mindful of what others are saying throughout the day. This helps create a sense of synergy within an organization and will ensure that your head is where it needs to be. 
  • Embrace your emotions: Oftentimes, people mistake being mindful with being constantly happy. Although mindfulness can help you achieve happiness, that doesn’t mean we should block out all negative emotions. By acknowledging your feelings of stress rather than fighting it, you are helping yourself accept your emotions and improving your overall workflow. 


Help Your Workforce Flourish With eMindful

As we push through this pandemic together it’s important to check on your employees and provide them with resources to reduce stress and increase productivity. For a much-needed morale boost to your team look no further than eMindful. Our mindfulness experts can help implement mindful practices within your organization to help your employees flourish. To learn more about the programs we offer, contact us on our website today.


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