The Business of Health: Encouraging Employees To Start Healthy Habits

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics began National Nutrition Month to promote healthy eating and exercise habits. It started in 1973. Since then, the AND has announced a new theme every year to get people excited to learn about better nutrition. The theme for 2023 is “Fuel for the Future.” 

Companies are invited to participate in National Nutrition Month. It’s a great way to get employees involved in bettering their overall health. Employees that are healthier tend to be more productive in the workplace. For example, when you educate employees about how they fuel their bodies with better nutrition, it can impact their day-to-day workflow. You may find that employees have more energy that lasts them throughout the day.

Bringing Health Into the Workplace

Employers can suggest various ways for employees to get involved with National Nutrition Month. This gives employees options to decide which new habits they may want to incorporate into their lives. In fact, there are things employers can introduce to workers at the workplace to help them get started.

Healthy Potluck

Managers can arrange for a healthy potluck. This is an idea where everyone who wants to participate can bring in healthy food items to share. This creates an opportunity for workers to find healthy foods at the grocery store. It also gets them started on cooking healthy foods. When you have multiple workers participate and bring different items, it exposes all the workers to foods they may not have tried before.

Lunch and Learn

Start a lunchtime program at work that teaches healthy eating and nutrition. You can bring in a nutritionist to come speak to your workers. Or you can prepare a presentation that educates workers about healthy eating habits that they can begin implementing in their lives. The key is to make these learning sessions engaging. Sometimes, learning about nutrition can seem dull, so you’ll want to make this learning experience a fun one.

Vending Machines

Take a look at the vending machines in your office. Do they offer any healthy food options? It may be a good idea to replace some items with ones that offer your employees more nutritional value. This is a great way to encourage healthier eating habits with your workers. It can give them a subtle push to begin exploring new, healthier snack options. Consider adding items such as mixed nuts, energy bars, trail mix, dried fruit, etc.

Water Challenge

This option plays on the competitive nature of some of your employees. Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Think about implementing a water drinking challenge for your business. Drinking water is essential to a person’s overall health. Oftentimes, people who have busy schedules forget this fact. When you start a challenge like this it encourages workers to drink more water. At the end of the challenge, ask your workers if they felt or noticed a change in their bodies. This might help them to continue this healthy habit.

Exercise Session

Start an exercise group at work. This may be easier for companies that already have a gym available onsite. If not, this may work well in a safe, outdoor area near the business. Gather some employees who want to participate and lead a short fitness session. Maybe you can bring in a personal trainer to lead the session. This may bring extra costs but it could encourage your workers to lead a more active, healthier, and nutritious lifestyle.

Alltrust Insurance: Creating Healthier Workplaces

Part of ensuring the wellness of your employees is providing them with adequate health benefits. Alltrust Insurance can help you provide the best human resources services for your employees. 

Our team of experienced professionals can help you with ACA compliance, wellness programs, and other HR needs your business may have. Please contact us to find out more about the services available to you.


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