Jessica Willey

Quick Facts 

Jessica Willey is one of Alltrust’s Technology Specialists. She joined the Alltrust team in 2021 and has had her insurance license for over 4 years, with close to 5 years in the health insurance industry. As an Account Manager for Alltrust, Jessica builds the Ease portal for new clients and works closely with client HR contacts in order to maintain their Ease portal throughout the year.  She also handles the processing of new cases, manages new COBRA implementation, and updates existing COBRA plans and rates for current clients as part of their renewal process.  

A Little More About Jessica

Jessica is a Tampa, Florida native and spends her free time exploring new places within the state and trying local restaurants and micro-breweries. She enjoys any extra time spent with her two young god-sons, and appreciates many active, outdoor activities such as scuba diving, obstacle course races and 5K races, and rollerblading.