Kim Hubbard

Quick Facts

Kim came to Alltrust Insurance after working in the billing office at a local Orthopaedic Surgeons group for 23 years. She now works as a Claims Specialist, and her primary role is to interface directly with our clients regarding their claim details. Kim collects all of the applicable data, ensures that clients have followed proper filing procedures, and reviews each claim to determine coverage. She does the heavy lifting when it comes to complex or unusual claims, and often needs to dig a little deeper to determine whether a claim will be covered. She is careful to cross her t’s and dot her I’s, as she is responsible for ensuring that all information is accurate and that our clients receive the best available outcome.

A Little More About Kim

In addition to her tenure in the field of employee benefits, Kim is a Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant. Her training and experience in the medical field give her a unique perspective and special insight into our clients’ claims. She uses her background, along with her passion for people, to facilitate communication between the client and the provider, to collect information from third parties, and to help settle any disputes that arise. A Florida native, Kim now resides in Palm Harbor with her four children and their two pets.

Random Fact

If Kim could be endowed with any super power, she would choose to be in two places at the same time. What a perfect power for a multi-tasking claims specialist!