Kristen Andonian

Quick Facts 

Kristen Andonian, one of Alltrust’s Account Executives, was born and raised in Tampa, a graduate of Florida State, and loves to travel to anywhere tropical. Joining Alltrust in 2007, Kristen originally started working within the health insurance industry in 2003 as both an account manager and producer. With over 19+ years of experience, Kristen ensures that all clients’ needs are met and exceeded on a day-to-day basis as well as making sure employees understand their benefit plans.

A Little More About Kristen

Kristen’s additional responsibilities include, evaluating employee and employer needs for health insurance; handling all financial aspects of group health plans including renewal negotiations, plan design, contribution strategy, etc.; conducting on-site open enrollment meetings; review employee benefit packages with new hires on a monthly basis; provide ongoing educational meetings to employees; and annual review of employee benefit package an options within and outside of the current insurance carrier.

Kristen says her favorite aspect of working with Alltrust is “Meeting new people and helping them understand their benefits.” In her spare time, you will find Kristen with her high school sweetheart Tyler and their two children Owen and Morgan. Together, they love boating, spending time with family, watching football, and eating at local restaurants.

Random Fact:

When asked how long she could hold her breath, Kristen said “A very long time. I was a collegiate swimmer and we had to swim 50 meters without taking a breath!