Rhonda Stevens

Quick Facts

Rhonda is one of Alltrust’s Account Managers. She joined the Alltrust team in June of 2022 coming from 20+ years in Human Resources and Employee Benefits. She understands the countless moving parts involved in managing employee benefits and the details and supporting infrastructure that renewal deadlines and open enrollment can bring. She has strong management and organizational skills and is very detail oriented and has a passion for accuracy, Rhonda brings her knowledge in making the best-informed decisions on: payroll, budgeting, enforcing deadlines, project management, training, meeting compliance deadlines, and she acts as a liaison between a company and its employees.

A Little More About Rhonda

Rhonda’s roots are from Massachusetts, where Mother Nature lives simple, and things are at a much slower pace. The smell of Spring, Wildflowers, Primroses, Bluebells and Honeysuckle with the new morning grass; are just a few of the memories of her hometown. Rhonda has a quirky sense of humor, an she tends to laugh sometimes at her own jokes, until others finally catch up.

In her spare time, she is spending time with family, three kids, two dogs who rule her household, and a cat. Her other interest is working on puzzles when she finally gets a moment to relax.