Sally Cooksey

Quick Facts 

Sally Cooksey, one of Alltrust’s Eligibility and Enrollment Specialists, is originally from Jacksonville and our resident Disney fanatic. Sally joined in 2010 with over 15 years in the retail industry and 9 within the financial industry within operational support. As an Enrollment and Eligibility Specialist for Alltrust, Sally handles new requests for eligibility from our clients’ new and existing employees.

A Little More About Sally

Sally’s more specific responsibilities include processing new hire enrollments, terminations, address changes, and qualifying events.
Additionally, she is responsible for handling complex enrollment issues, health carriers, and works closely with our HR benefits technology vendors.

When asked about her favorite aspect of working with Alltrust, Sally replied, “the people, and the way my employer spoils us!”

In her time outside of Alltrust, Sally and her husband are proud annual pass holders and frequent the Disney theme parks as much as possible. She also enjoys eating locally at Cody’s Roadhouse and if she’s not at Disney, Sally loves to visit Sanibel Island.

Random Fact:

When asked what she would do if she won the lotto, Sally replied “Go to Disney!!!!”