Cheri Parsons

Cheri Parsons

Quick Facts

As our resident accounting specialist, Cheri Parsons has a knack for numbers and is brilliant with budgets. As a QuickBooks certified Accounting Manager, Cheri came to Alltrust with over 20 years experience as a successful accountant. From petty cash to payroll, she is responsible for the financial operations of Alltrust. Cheri’s day to day responsibilities include handling accounts payable, overseeing purchase orders, authorizing checks, and administering our 401k program. Cheri also audits transactions and manages cash flow to ensure that Alltrust’s books stay balanced.

A Little More About Cheri

Cheri is excited to be at Alltrust! She is passionate about the benefits offered to employees, but even more enthused about the way the company welcomes their employees. Her background is in accounting for construction firms, and she is happy to put the hard hat down and the party hat on. Originally from Michigan, Cheri has migrated to New Port Richey where she lives with her husband, Dale, and their pet dog, Jax. They spend their free time boating and soaking up the Florida sun!

Random Fact

Cheri is a self-proclaimed party starter! An accountant that loves to have fun?! That’s what we like to call well-rounded.