HR Technology: 5 Barriers to Breakthrough

What is the one thing in life that seems to elude us the most? Time…And youth, of course. When working with or implementing an HR technology system, time – or lack thereof – is one of the biggest barriers to success. Take a look at some of the other common barriers that hinder HR technology success, and learn a few tips on how to break through them.



Before, during or after the implementation of an HR technology platform, keep in mind that it requires a significant investment of time. By planning and giving yourself and your team an ample amount of time, you will find a much higher rate of success. Eliminating distractions and taking time offsite allows you to think clearly about what your goals are and how you will measure the success of your system. If leaving the office isn’t an option, you can still take that much needed time to clear your head and develop a timeline strategy. Set a date, block out your calendar, put a sign on your door and be clear with your employees of what you will be doing. That way, even if you’re in the office, you can eliminate as many distraction as possible.



Many times, employers find themselves with a robust system but no one to champion it. This makes it nearly impossible to carry out the goals originally set for the system to accomplish. When you are taking the time to plan, make sure you have true buy-in from those who will be implementing the system and processes. There is no better way to ensure your system is successful than having the champions who believe in what you are working so hard to do.


Insufficient Training

Just because technology is becoming more efficient and easier to use, it does not mean your team and employees will find it straightforward. Investing time and energy into training will be a necessity to ensure your team knows how to use your system. As a helpful tip, record some quick training videos or request some from your platform provider so you don’t have to be in several places at once.



This falls in line with adoption, but is equally important on its own. Once you have broken through the adoption barrier, user engagement is a key area of opportunity. Plan ongoing training and incentives around using the system to encourage its use. During the decision process of choosing the right platform (for more on that, feel free to check out our guide to choosing an HR Platform), ease-of-use for employees is always something you will want to make a priority. It not only makes HR tasks easier and faster for employees, but it boosts engagement, as well.



Many times, employers will implement an efficient system only to see engagement fall off due to lack of planning.  Once you and your team have invested the time for employee on-boarding and training, staying consistent is the key to keeping everyone engaged and ensuring goals are aligned and on the right course. Whether you are implementing a completely new system or switching to a new one, the first few months can be a challenge. Stay consistent with what you want to accomplish in order to keep progressing.

Although it all sounds simple, these five barriers can drastically affect the successful implementation of an HR technology platform. Take the chance and look at them as opportunities, and invest the time to work with the right team, and you’ll likely find that the process will be much smoother.

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