Transforming Your Organization Through Technology

What is an excellent Digital IQ? And more importantly, does your organization have one? An excellent Digital IQ means your organization is understanding, valuing and weaving technology through the entire enterprise effectively. Does that sound like you? If you said no, do not be alarmed – a staggering 80 percent said no as well, according to this Price Waterhouse Cooper report.

So what does that mean to you? With over 88 percent of organizations planning to spend more on technology this year, it means that more and more organizations just like yours are moving away from the ‘pen and paper’ methods of tracking HR tasks, and investing in the implementation of HR technology instead.

With an effective HR technology platform in place, you can reduce HR costs, improve enrollment and benefit plan understanding, and have the ability to review historical information. It also allows you to plan for future growth, track compliance, increase employee engagement and assist in recruiting and retaining top talent.

Most likely your organization falls into one of the following categories:

  • No platform currently being used
  • Hybrid – some manual, some technology
  • Full-blown HR technology system that works some of the time, but still not 100 percent efficient
  • The Unicorn – your HR technology is working efficiently, effectively and successfully, thus transforming your organization (FYI: If this is you, call us – we would love to meet a unicorn in person!)

The great news is – no matter where you are at in the game – you can transform and create a healthier organization through the appropriate use of HR technology. How so? By taking a few steps back and taking the time to evaluate your current situation. Once you know your current situation, create goals and set realistic intentions to work toward an effectively run HR system.

For more detailed steps and questions to ask when evaluating your HR technology situation, check out our new report, “Guide to HR Technology: How to Choose A Platform.”

Or, if you’re wondering how that’s possible with the 10 hats you wear on a daily basis, shoot us an email or give us a call. We are here to help transform your business into the unicorn you’ve always dreamt of.


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