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Allstate – The Allstate Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Permanent Life plans are portable. Allstate will just need a termination date that employee is going out. Then Allstate will send a direct bill notice to the employees where they can continue deductions on a direct bill basis.

APL – The Gap is portable via COBRA just like the major medical plans.  As long as an employee COBRAs their medical they can continue their Gap as well. If an employee does not COBRA medical, they cannot COBRA the Gap.

Aflac –   The Aflac group worksite plans are portable. With individual plans the employee proactively gets a letter from Aflac with their option and instructions on how to port once they are termed or lapse. With group we do not send letters, but employees can port by contacting Aflac Group. In either case they can call the numbers below to discuss portability options. They can keep their same coverages at the same rates, so long as they port within 30 days of cancelation.

Chubb – Chubb products are portable with the exception of the Hospital Indemnity.  The client will need to notify Chubb with an effective date of leave and Chubb will send them a portability letter which includes detailed instructions.

Colonial – Yes Colonial products are completely portable at the same locked in rate they were purchased at. The employee can either call Colonial to set up direct bill arrangements or complete the attached form. Our office can handle groups/employees needing assistance calls as well. Election Portability Form

Transamerica – Once Transamerica is notified that a policyholder has been terminated from a group, they automatically provide them the option to continue their coverage if the product allows. We are normally notified from the group on the bill reconciliation. I can also accept email requests to have billing transition policies if needed. The policyholder can also call into our customer service department and ask to be transitioned.

For the GAP product, we are notified to move them to COBRA. The COBRA division shows on the group billing so the insured will have to work out payments with the group to continue on the COBRA division.

Guardian – Yes, the Guardian worksite products (Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness & Hospital) are all included with portability options. The process for porting the worksite plans is the same as for voluntary life – 1. Employee has 31 days from termination date to provide portability paperwork (We do not send continuation notices to the employees). Portability options available to the member, or member and dependents, are listed below.

  • Member coverage only
  • Member and covered spouse
  • Member and all covered dependents

A dependent must be covered as of the date the member coverage ends in order to be eligible to port the benefits. Must complete the following form(s) and send to Guardian

  1. Email –
  2. Secure Upload – and a payment is not required until the member receives the offer letter from Guardian.
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