Andrea Finch

Quick Facts

Andrea Finch is one of Alltrust’s Large Group Account Managers as well as an Employee Navigator Integration Analyst. She is one of our hybrids. She has been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years and came to work at Alltrust in April 2022. She comes to us with a ton of Carrier experience working at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia as well as working as an Account Manager with an agency in Georgia and Florida. Knowledgeable, team player, great listener, problem solver and fact finder are a few of the qualities she brings with her Carrier experience. She holds the critical tools to understanding the goals and priorities of the client.

During the past few years, technology as moved to the forefront. Andrea’s background has given her the edge to assist in increasing efficiency and ensuring confidence in using emerging technologies that can streamline the customer experience.

A Little More About Andrea

Andrea was born in South Carolina and raised in Georgia. Andrea is a true “Southern Magnolia” who loves her Georgia Bulldogs. In her spare time, she spends it with her two daughters or gardening and plant propagation. Her other true love is her dog, Georgia. Could there be any other appropriate name?

Andrea has been blessed with the gift of Gab and Southern Hospitality. Being around her for a short period of time you will experience the grace and kindness ingrained in her with her Southern Roots.