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Step 1 – Confirm your Plans and Options for Benefit Payments

Call the Allstate Customer Care Center for claims and policy details at 1-800-521-3535.  They are open from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time or visit the Allstate website at

The Allstate Customer Care Center will provide you with the claim forms and instructions on where to send the forms and required supporting documents.

Here are examples of the types of supporting documents you may need.  Ask the Customer Care Center which documents you need to provide them for your specific claim:

  1. EOBs – Explanations of Benefits – these come from your medical or dental carrier
  2. Copy of Lab or X-ray reports
  3. Proof of the injury/ medical equipment required
  4. UB04 if hospitalized due to accident
  5. If transported by ambulance – ambulance bill
  6. If this was due to a car accident – incident or police report

Step 2 - Submit your claim direct to Allstate

There are three ways to submit your claims.  You can submit your claim.  You can go online, mail or fax them in.

The fastest way to submit your claim is online:

You can fax your claims to:
Allstate Fax: 1-866-424-8482

You can Mail your Claim to: 
American Heritage Life Insurance Company
1776 American Heritage Life Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

How to Get Your Money:

If your claim is approved, you can get it two ways – Allstate can mail you a check or you can get your claim payment deposited into your bank account

If you would like to get your claim payment faster, please ask the customer care center for a copy of the direct deposit – ACH form (ABJ16661). This form can also be found on the Allstate website at  or

What do I do if I have questions about the status of my claim or a claim payment I received back?

Call the Allstate Customer Care Center 1-800-521-3535.  They can answer all of your questions about specifics on your claim.

What if I called Customer Care Center about my claim and I still need help, who do I call?

For escalated claims concerns you can contact your Alltrust Account Manager.

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