Alltrust of Tallahassee Hosts Healthcare Reform Seminar

Alltrust, a Tallahassee Employee Benefits Firm, hosted its first Breakfast and Benefits Seminar, Tuesday, March 18th at ALoft Hotel in the beautiful downtown area. The purpose of the seminar was to help business owners understand recent updates to Healthcare Reform in 2014. The Breakfast and Benefits series runs throughout the year on various topics to increase employer education within the realm of employee benefits, compliance, Human Resources, and cutting edge technology solutions.

With over 30 in attendance, Kelly Davis, AIP and Compliance Knowledge Expert at Alltrust, addressed upcoming changes and items essential to staying compliant with Healthcare Reform in 2014. Specific topics included waiting periods, pre-existing conditions, dependent coverage, cost sharing, clinical trials and more.  A very clear message delivered was one highly focused on the reality that Healthcare Reform is not going anywhere. As an employer, acquiring as much education as possible on the topic is a necessity. In the words of Davis, “One thing is certain, change is inevitable, taking the ‘head in the sand’ approach is no longer an option when it comes to Healthcare Reform. It’s very real, and it is here to stay in some way, shape , or form.” Not only is change here to stay, but much of Kelly’s message centered around not making changes to avoid the regulations of the Affordable Care Act’s guidelines. “You can’t be moving employee populations around to avoid compliance with PPACA aka Healthcare reform,” Davis advised. “Do what you’ve always done as an employer. Do the right thing.”


About our Tallahassee Employee Benefits Firm


Alltrust of Tallahassee opened their office in September of 2013 with the help of Tallahassee native,  Boo Suber who heads up the location. With employees such as Benefits Consultant, Caz Piurowski, a previous starting tight end on the Florida State football team, and Kristen Andonian, an Account Executive and previous varsity swim team seminole has a large garnet and gold presence within their walls. Drew Weatherford, previous starting quarterback for the Noles, also has a part in Alltrust’s success as a business development partner.  With such a large backing and presence, the Alltrust Tallahassee office was a natural transition. For more information on the Tallahassee office, please contact 850.294.9379.


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