Enhanced Benefits & Enrollment Solutions

Enhanced Benefits

Enhanced Benefits and Enrollment Solutions

When it comes to attracting and retaining talented employees, Enhanced Benefits help differentiate your company from its competitors, improve employee satisfaction and create more impact on your employees’ wellbeing.

Alltrust Insurance’s Enhanced Benefits encompass voluntary benefits, supplemental benefits, and worksite benefits for companies of all sizes. Alltrust can also provide HR solutions to streamline the enrollment process when it comes to these benefits. Our team understands what makes employees feel valued and offers exceptional packages without excessive costs. With the help of the Alltrust team, your company can enhance its current benefit package, while staying within budget, and easily manage your employees’ coverage.

What Our Clients Say

Enhanced benefits can provide rewarding financial gain during what normally would be a very trying time for the insured. Accidents, critical illnesses, and hospitalizations can occur out of the blue and to anyone, and these plans help offset the risk of rising medical costs. These benefits enable your company to offer additional benefits that are appealing to employees, without incurring any additional cost to your company. Enhanced benefits further improve your offerings, giving your employees additional options to meet their needs better. Alltrust helps you identify the benefits that are the best fit for your employees and design packages that are practical and desirable.

Alltrust offers these Enhanced Benefits at traditionally at NO COST to the employer:

• Accident Insurance
• Critical Illness Insurance
• Cancer Insurance
• Hospital Indemnity
• Permanent/Whole life insurance
• Life Insurance with Long Term Care

• Short term disability
• Identity Theft/Cyber Protection
• Pet Insurance
• Legal Protection
• And More

Our Enhanced Benefits Team

Through an in-house Enhanced Benefits team, enrollment and benefits management becomes a breeze for your company. Alltrust streamlines the entire benefits enrollment process through HR technology, face-to-face and call center options that enable your employees to choose their own coverage. With the help of Alltrust’s Enhanced Benefits Specialists, your company can enjoy more efficiency and spend less time responding to HR issues.

The advantages of Enhanced Benefits and Enrollment Solutions are far-reaching. Going the extra mile leads to more dedicated employees with higher morale and retention. The best part – Alltrust provides support, every step of the way.

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