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Why eMindful?

Alltrust cares about the well-being of your employees.

At Alltrust Insurance, our goal is to protect your business’s health, and it starts with your employees. We recognize that mental health is at the core of wellness, which is why we partnered up with eMindful. Now every Alltrust client receives eMindful’s eM Life solution. eM Life offers live, expert-led, online mindfulness sessions, and hundreds of hours of on-demand content that builds skills and practical strategies to manage life’s ever-evolving stressors. This mental health resource that’s proven to make a positive impact during this difficult time.

How It Works:

Getting Started

Employees begin by registering for eM Life online or by downloading the iOS or Android app, and following the simple steps to create an account.

Designed Daily Use

The eM Life programs offer access to more than 5,000 live, expert-led Mindful Daily sessions each year and hundreds of hours of on-demand sessions.

Personalized to Drive Lasting Results

This personalized approach allows individuals to specify their familiarity with mindfulness, choose their intention, and select mindfulness topics, and teachers that are right for them.

Build Skills That Integrate into Daily Life

Employees build skills and learn strategies that they can use to cope with the urges, triggers, and stress associated with everyday life. The program empowers them to navigate life more effectively.

Build Connections

Together, employees engage with and learn from each other while gaining purpose by working to pay-it-forward.

Gain Insights and Celebrate Success

As employees increase their mindfulness skills, they will have real-time access to their data, including how many lives they impact as well as the improvements they make to their everyday life.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being attentive and open to the present moment with curiosity, free from judgment. Through practicing mindfulness, we learn to be more present in our daily lives – benefiting our relationships, emotional health, and overall well-being.

eMindful’s programs, eM Life, can help our employees learn how to make each moment matter with greater focus, creativity, and purposeful decisions.


What makes the eM Life program so different?

Evidence-based Approach

eMindful is built on a solid foundation of 10+ years of data-driven insights and consistent results at improving workplace performance and health.

Applied Mindfulness

eMindful integrates into everyday moments in life with applied mindfulness practices that help people make more purposeful decisions about their health, well-being, and chronic conditions.

Live Certified Experts

Our teachers help deliver perspective, accountability, and personalized mindfulness practices through live, interactive sessions.

Designed for Daily Use

eMindful offers immediate access to a personalized experience with fresh, practical content designed for modern consumption habits and communication preferences, including live, on-demand, and through our mobile app or web.

Connection That Magnifies Results

eMindful cultivates an experience that creates a deeper connection to oneself and others, fostering an environment that helps populations flourish.

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