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Underwriting Consultants Offer Risk Protection

Cost Effective Solutions for Risk Management Strategies

Underwriting is the process an insurance carrier goes through to determine the risk of a group and calculate premiums based on the defined results. Alltrust Underwriting Consultants work closely with to assess the risk tolerance of the employer and the organization’s benefits strategy. Alltrust combines deep analytical skills and knowledge of the marketplace to find the most cost effective solution for the company.

The risks of insurance are ever changing and Alltrust stays ahead of the curve of the industry through its depth of experience and scope of knowledge. While Alltrust is focused exclusively on Florida, Alltrust has nationwide insight.

Advantages of working with Alltrust include:

• Data Mining
• Claims Analysis
• Impartial Renewal Marketing – not captive agents

• Powerful Data-driven Negotiations
• In-House Financial Experts
• Internal Underwriting Strategies

Selecting the right carrier is of the utmost importance, now more than ever. Data- based plan analysis and critical-thinking help Alltrust reliably predict the probability of future risks and make recommendations that act in your company’s favor. After all, Alltrust is focused on making intelligent, client-focused decisions and is perfectly positioned to achieve outcomes and results that cannot be replicated.

Alltrust is able to control the underwriting process and take the guesswork out of benefit renewals. We use data to decipher what an appropriate renewal should be, rather than relying blindly on carrier underwriters. This gives Alltrust the clarity and power to negotiate on your behalf, allowing us to provide substantial savings.

By reviewing current and historical plan performance, Alltrust gains insight on cost drivers, risk and exposures, and ongoing costs that could impact future premiums. Through in-depth claims review, Alltrust can provide cost management strategies for the future stability of benefits plans. And, with consulting on cost containment and risk mitigation solutions, Alltrust can protect clients and their budgets from high impact cost drivers to reduce avoidable premium increases.

For our self-funded clients and prospects, we provide recommendations on reinsurance carriers, stop-loss contract terms, and captives to properly insulate against unnecessary risk.

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