Florida State Fair’s Director of Human Resources Loves Alltrust

As an HR department of one, it is very important to make every action (and interaction) count. Alltrust has made my life simpler because I can call them once and know that Kristen or Sandy will follow the task to completion without me needing to follow up two or three times to make sure it gets done. In fact, many times they are two steps ahead of me. This provides such peace of mind to my world of constantly changing parts.

I count on them to take care of the needs of all of our employees as if they were a part of our team.

Alltrust is unique because they are truly curious about how our company ticks. They want to make sure they are not wasting time offering up solutions that won’t meet the needs of our population but at the same time pushing our group to be a little better than we were the year before. I trust Kristen and Sandy to provide me with candid, accurate information so that we can make the best decisions to meet the goals and objectives established by our internal team.

They support our mission as if it was their own. We are not an afterthought to this group. We get calls just to check in. I am certain they are anticipating our needs because they do all the right things to make me believe.

Sabrina Permuth, Director of Human Resources, Florida State Fair

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