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Allttrust is constantly in search of new and better ways to design and manage health and benefit programs, and communicate them to the employers and employees we serve.

Employee Benefits

Alltrust Insurance is dedicated to helping companies make better decisions about their benefits and finances, get the most out of their employee benefit plans, control costs, and become efficient consumers of healthcare. As one of Florida’s leading employee benefits and HR consulting firms, Alltrust helps companies provide better benefit options for their employees.


Employee benefit mandates can be especially complex and tedious to manage. Alltrust Insurance has the knowledge, support, and resources to help you comply with regulations and requirements.

Human Resources

When it comes to navigating the complexities of your human resource needs, Alltrust is here to help. Alltrust is committed to creating innovative and supportive solutions that help you manage your business, compliance concerns and employee responsibilities.


Your employees are your most valuable assets and their health and wellness are your greatest responsibilities. Alltrust Insurance not only makes it easier and more efficient for employers and employees to shop and enroll in health insurance coverage, but also provides additional opportunities for health and wellness programs and services.

Cost Management

With healthcare costs on the rise, Alltrust can help you control the costs now and in the future with unique strategies. Alltrust’s risk management solutions, strategic partnerships and years of expertise help you mitigate your risk level and understand your financials so that you can better manage the costs involved in your business and benefit programs.


Having an efficient HR system means that your company has more time to spend creating strategic results. Alltrust’s technology consultants will guide you through a selection process for finding that right system and help you implement the technology.


Enhanced Benefits

When it comes to attracting and retaining talented employees, Enhanced Benefits help differentiate your company from its competitors, improve employee satisfaction and create more impact on your employees’ wellbeing.

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