What Has Your Broker Done For You During The Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused turmoil for many businesses across the country. A little over a year ago, this unforeseen pandemic changed the way we conduct business and many companies couldn’t adapt. However, it’s vital to think about what your broker has done for you throughout the last year. Most insurance companies fail to go above and beyond with providing the correct care, support, and resources to aid businesses in these unprecedented times. At Alltrust Insurance, our mission is to protect the mental health of our clients, employees, and dependents during the pandemic. 


Going Above And Beyond To Provide You With Support


Alltrust’s Culture

Alltrust was founded in 1994 with the premise that people and customer service should be the driving focus of any successful employee benefits program. We believe our company culture sets us apart from the competition. Over the years, we have adopted a “people first” maxim striving to always put clients before anything else. We also believe culture synergy is everything, and seek to work with companies that place the same emphasis on people as we do. This will help establish successful, long-lasting relationships in which everyone reaps the benefits. 

Why Alltrust Decided To Partner With eMindful

“Alltrust’s culture is immersed in care for the health and well-being of its clients, employees, and their families, and we are driven to support them now more than ever,” said Tim Love, CEO, Alltrust Insurance. “Partnering with eMindful has allowed us to differentiate ourselves by providing all of our clients’ employees a robust, mental health resource that’s proven to make a positive impact.” 

This quote by company CEO, Tim Love, demonstrates Alltrust’s commitment to providing support for clients and their employees. Furthermore, The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that 18.5% of Americans typically experience mental health issues in a year. Now during COVID, the Kaiser Family Foundation has reported this number has spiked with 45% saying the pandemic has affected their mental health. This shows why focusing on employee’s mental health problems is more important now than ever before. Partnering with eMindful has given us the opportunity to spread awareness and resources to promote health, happiness, and performance. 

What Is eMindful And How Is It Helpful?

Before addressing what eMindful is and what they do, it’s important to understand what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is being attentive and open to the present moment with curiosity, free from judgment. Practicing mindfulness can help you be more present in the moment, alleviate feelings of stress/anxiety, and improve your overall well-being. 

eMindful is our partner company which solely focuses on bringing mindfulness to the workplace. With an abundance of different programs with a shared goal to educate about mindfulness, eMindful is perfect for companies looking for a morale boost. Additionally, resources have never been easier to access for employees. eMindful offers immediate access to a personalized experience with fresh, practical content designed for modern consumption habits and communication preferences, including live, on-demand, and through our mobile app or web. 

Pandemic Motivation Webinar

At Alltrust Insurance, we are actively seeking the next opportunity to help your company and its employees. Our previous motivational webinar, Pandemic Motivation: Find a Pathway Through the Pain, highlighted some concepts that will help you approach work with a strong mindset. Here are some of the key takeaways from the session:

  • Embrace Fear: Fear induces major physical, mental, and emotional changes so anchoring yourself with positivity is essential. Rather than fighting off feelings of fear, embrace them with open arms and allow yourself to experience these feelings. Doing so will help you manage fear in the future and allow yourself to properly adapt to unexpected situations. 
  • Forging Self-Confidence: Gain control of the truth by mastering time management and take a moment to decompress. This will allow you to approach tasks with an open mind and will help you learn/retain useful information.
  • Live the Team Life: Strength comes in numbers, so lead with empathy and help others accept their new reality. Creating a sense of synergy within your organization will increase productivity and ensure team members are working effectively.
  • Live with Purpose: Tomorrow is a new day so never let a few bad moments ruin your mood. It’s important to learn how to re-evaluate and rewrite your purpose daily to keep yourself in check with your goals. Also, never be afraid of failure as it is simply a part of the journey. 

As you begin to implement these concepts into your daily life, remember to apply them mindfully by choosing actions that relate directly to your purpose. This shift in perspective will help to improve your personal well-being, work ethic, and leadership skills. 


Prioritizing Mental Health Issues

To help address the increasing mental health concerns, Alltrust Insurance clients, employees, and their dependents now have unlimited access to eMindful’s evidence-based mindfulness programs. eMindful Life offers live, expert-led, online mindfulness sessions and hundreds of hours of on-demand content that builds skills and practical strategies to manage life’s ever-evolving stressors. To learn more about our partnership with eMindful and how we can be of assistance to your business, please visit our website and contact us today. 


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