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The Alltrust Way

At Alltrust, we consider ourselves individual fingerprints that, when connected, create a strong helping hand for your organization. Whether you need a hand to guide you, support you, or cheer you on, we are committed to serving you as your employee benefits partner.

Alltrust puts your business first so you can put your people first. Alltrust cares about your business and is committed to serving you as your employee benefits partner. With these 10 Principles, Alltrust is ready to guide you, support you, and cheer you on – every step of the way.

2. Deliver extraordinary service.

Alltrust takes on the little things, as well as the big, and strives to create legendary experiences while maintaining the highest level of excellence when it comes to the services and support it provides to its clients.

3. Be humble.

Alltrust aims to do what’s best for the client, putting aside personal agendas, seeing challenges as opportunities for curiosity and growth. You’re never too old, too smart or too successful to learn.

4. Listen to understand.

Alltrust gives everyone its undivided attention, and knows the better we understand our clients, the easier it is to meet their needs. Alltrust listens generously and continually grows through exploring new ideas.

5. Be true to your word.

Alltrust values integrity, sincerity and honoring commitments. Doing what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it is the hallmark of a trustworthy business.

6. Represent something bigger.

Alltrust sees its responsibility expanding beyond support for clients, but also to centers of influence, insurance carriers, and the community at large.

7. Stay positive.

An encouraging environment makes it possible to have fun alongside the important work you’re doing. Celebrate, acknowledge, and appreciate others.

8. Show people you care.

At Alltrust, people come first. Alltrust is comprised of compassionate consultants who care and prioritize their clients’ needs. Always remember that we’re a family at Alltrust.

9. Embrace change.

In today’s economy, change is the only constant. Alltrust enjoys the excitement that change brings and adapts to lead clients forward.

10. Shine a light when it's dark.

When circumstances seem dark, Alltrust strives to shine a light. By viewing stressful situations as opportunities, this shift in mindset enables Alltrust to overcome obstacles.

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